Free Application Support!

From 25 ~ 27 Apr, aecc will be here to support you for your application to any study destination that we offer!
Date & Time
aecc Sunway

25 Apr (Thu): 10am ~ 4pm
26 Apr (Fri): 10am ~ 4pm
27 Apr (Sat): 10am ~ 3pm

aecc Starling Mall
25 Apr (Thu): 10am ~ 4pm
26 Apr (Fri): 10am ~ 4pm
27 Apr (Sat): 10am ~ 1pm
aecc KL Eco-City
25 Apr (Thu): 10am ~ 4pm
26 Apr (Fri): 10am ~ 4pm
27 Apr (Sat): 10am ~ 1pm
Free Support for these universities and more
Monash University
University of New South Wales (UNSW)
University of Sydney (USYD)
University of Western Australia
University of Technology Sydney
Curtin University
University of Adelaide
RMIT University
University of Tasmania
Flinders University
University of South Australia
Swinburne University of Technology
University of Leicester
University of Exeter
Durham University
Northumbria University
University of Northampton
Queen's University of Belfast
Sheffield Hallam University
Coventry University
University of Dundee
University of Essex
University of Portsmouth
UWE Bristol (University of West of England, Bristol)
University of South Wales
University of Plymouth
University of Auckland
University of Waikato
PSB Academy
Trinity College Dublin
National University of Galway
St George University
UMass Boston
University Illinois Chicago
University of Utah

Personal Statement Workshop

27 Apr (Sat), 11am ~ 12pm, Free Admission
Why does the universities around the world require a personal statement from the students? Aren't they just look at the students results? 

Understand the motive behind this request is crucial as it may give you (or the person studying) a clearer picture on making the right move towards getting the offer from the university.

*Prepare your statement and we will assess it on the spot. 
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